Bring Your Customers Closer

How It Works

Shoot a text straight to your customer,
get their responses in your chat window

Your team sends texts directly from the web. Any replies arrive automatically, just like a chat. Contacts are shared and all history is kept.

  • We'll store and send texts for you
  • Customer replies are routed to the user that texted them
  • Unread conversations are marked until read
  • Use templates for common messages


There's no more efficient way to connect with busy, mobile customers

In The Cloud

Any team member, any computer. It's so much easier to type out a quick message than fiddle with your phone.
No hard drive crashes, no installing.

Customers don't get team cell numbers.

If you step out for five minutes, replies will wait in your inbox.

Less Competition

Your important message will be read,
because it won't get lost in the noise of email.

We all check our phones when they buzz, right?

Easy to Use

It looks and works like your web email,
so you already know how to use it.


When Your Message is Important

Don't Lose It In Email