SMS Your Customers

How Property Management Agents can use SMS

The scene: a busy Monday morning and as usual there are 10 things to do. Right now:

This remind you of your day?

SMSCustomers can help!

Dealing with all of those hassles just takes up too much of your day.
Rather than repeatedly calling, waiting for answers, just fire off a text.

Which text? Well:

For late payers, create a template

See the "just reply"? That's the key here - your tenants can respond in seconds, alerting you to any issues without a phone call. A direct text is that much harder to ignore, unlike an email which quickly gets lost in the inbox.

Next up, Mrs Phillips

Super-fast, send her a message:

Fire-and-forget! You can now get down to the next task and just wait for her response.

Message Steve

That took 3 minutes, go have a well-deserved cup of tea.

Wait - before you do that, sign up at SMSCustomers here and start getting ahead of your day!

When Your Message is Important

Don't Lose It In Email